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About Tantonite

Established 1990

Tantonite has provided design and construction services for rock and water features since 1990 and have developed many of the techniques that are commonplace in the industry today. From imprinted concrete driveways to scenic theming, we will provide a high level of quality service.

Continuous Innovation

We continue to innovate special techniques used in the fabrication and installation of artificial features and their transition to natural elements on each site.

When a designer’s concept is established, the Tantonite team can develop the necessary technical facets of the project. For example:

  • waterscape recirculation and water quality,
  • degree of support,
  • or structural systems required to facilitate the implementation of artificial rockwork, forests, and simulated corals and reef formations.
Tantonite logo mounted on stone wall

Projects to suit a variety of budgets

Throughout the years, we have worked with design teams to successfully manage budgets, improve coordination, and expedite construction of special features. Many times we will provide scale models, area mock-ups, and renderings to enhance the program of the project. Tantonite has developed a highly qualified, experienced, and capable team. For any project, we will establish a core team of management and support personnel within our company, which will tap into our vast experience, providing the most appropriate design/site assistance available. Depending on the needs of the client as well as the project.

imprinted concrete cobble sets driveway
imprinted concrete cobble sets driveway
imprinted concrete paved courtyard
Themed set of a tudor style house
Concrete theming of rocks around a waterfall pool

Talk to us about your project
We would be happy to discuss how we can help with your project whether domestic or commercial. Please call us on 07898 261408.

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